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[化妝] 李詩韻 IQ博士 小雲 妝

Selena Li 李詩韻 IQ博士 小雲 MAKE UP LOOK

[轉載/Youtube] SelenaBeautyTips | August 25, 2010

由冇化妝到full make-up,今次係我第一次唔化妝上鏡
This is not EXACTLY like 小雲, but it's a similar style, because I hope you will be able to mimic this look and go out....I don't think anyone can go out looking exactly like 小雲...haha....

This is my first make-up demo, and my first time going on screen without make-up (Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! haha) All for fun, but also hope to get your support!! xoxo

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